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If your goal is to become an elite goaltender, then training is important. You could build your goalie-specific skills with focused training on the ice and you could get stronger and faster by training your body in the gym, but, no matter how physically strong or technically proficient you become, you won't become an elite goaltender if you cannot process the game around you. This is where vision & cognitive motor training can help.

3 key systems identified as crucial to athletic performance:

- Perceptual- ones abilities to take in information using their sensory organs (sight, sound, touch).

- Cognitive- ones ability to process the information around then and take into account when making decisions.

- Physical- ones ability to perform an action response.

Our vision & cognitive motor training classes put our athletes through assessments and exercises to measure and improve performance in these 3 areas. These classes are specifically for hockey goalies, and the exercises will reflect the perceptual, cognitive, and physical demands of the position.

To book a class, please click the button below. If you have any questions about this program or vision & cognitive training in general, please contact us at

Services & Rates:
Sensory Performance Assessment | $100
Private Session (1-on-1)| $100
Classes | $40 | Packages Available

Private Groups & Teams:
2-6 athletes | $50ea
7-10 athletes | $350
10+ athletes
 | Call for pricing

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Sports Vision &
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