August 3rd-6th
August 9th-12th
August 16th-19th
@ Chesswood


2021 Summer Camps

Camp Features:

We are back on the ice this summer for 3 weeks of goalie training camps: from August 3rd-6th, August 9th-12th, & August 16th-19th @ Chesswood Arena. Our camps have been fully reimagined this summer and will offer a professional training experience that will prepare you to dominate this season.


​Our on-ice sessions are led by head coach Josh Roarke and his expert training staff. His program stresses the importance of skating and will focus on improving crease movement and mobility. The program will also cover many technical elements of the position, including post-integration (RVH, VH), dead-angle saves (overlap), box-control, screen and tip plays, puck handling, and more. Throughout these exercises, our students will be challenged by a AAA and JR level shooting staff. One drill will be recorded each day for video review.


​The biggest changes to the program this year happen off the ice. We have partnered with dryland trainers, Toronto Hockey Academy, and Pro Vision Sports Training Centre to put together a state-of-the-art dryland training experience for goalies.


Our daily workouts will run at Toronto Hockey Academy Gym (upstairs at Chesswood Arena). Our training program is built specifically for goalies by partner trainer Rachel Koo (U of T Athletics) and will focus on building mobility, agility, and strength. We will also have Amy Matyszcuk join us each week to run a challenging Joga session designed for goalies.


​New to the camp this summer, students will participate in daily vision training at Pro Vision Sports Performance Centre (upstairs at Chesswood Arena). These sessions will help build 14 different visual and sensorimotor skills to improve athletic performance. Each student will receive performance reports and data analysis to help them track their progress throughout the camp.


​Another new addition to our program this summer is the Brick By Brick Video Lab and Conference Centre (upstairs at Chesswood Arena). Here students will have their daily video review with our coaching staff, along with special guest speaker presentations. 


​All students who attend will receive a free BBB jersey and other swag. Spaces are limited. Sign up today!

Elite & Development Camp Options


Elite Camp Schedule
14 & older- AAA, JR. NCAA, CIS, Pro

- 9am-10:30am- Vision training and video review
- 10:45am-12:45pm- On-ice training
- 1pm-2pm- Lunch
- 2pm-3pm- Dryland training

Development Camp Schedule
All ages & skill levels

- 10am-11am- Dryland training
- 11am-12:30pm- Vision training and video review
- 12:30pm-1:30pm- Lunch
- 1:45pm-3:45pm- On-ice training

Build Your Game
Brick By Brick