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August 12th-15th
August 19th-22nd
Aug 26th-Aug 29th
@ Chesswood


2024 Summer Camps

Brick By Brick Goaltending is proud to present our 2024-25 summer camps. Whether you're a seasoned AAA goalie looking to have the best season of your life, an A goalie looking to move up to AA, or a young goalie just starting their goaltending journey, our camps are the place for you to build your game!

Camp Features:

  • 2 hours of on ice training daily

    • Program led by Coach Josh Roarke​

    • Skilled Support Staff including Pro, NCAA, & Jr level coaches & shooters

    • Focus on economy of movement, puck tracking, and effective game strategies

  • Video review of our on ice training

    • Led by professional video coach Nick Biamonte.​

  • Cognition & vision training

    • Provided by The Reaction Room​​

  • Free Brick By Brick Jersey


Camp Schedules

Young Elite & Development | Ages U9-U13

8:30am-8:45am- Drop Off (rink 4 hallway)
8:45am-10:15am- Vision Training/Video Review
10:15am-10:45am- Dress
10:45am-12:45pm- On Ice Training
12:45pm-1pm- Pick Up (rink 4 hallway)


Elite & Development | Ages U14-U18/Jr.

11:30am-11:45am- Drop Off (rink 4 hallway)

11:45am-1:15pm- Vision Training/Video Review
1:15pm-1:45pm- Dress
1:45pm-3:45pm- On Ice Training
3:45pm-4pm- Pick Up (rink 4 hallway)


Build Your Game
Brick By Brick

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